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    I am thinking about buy billing module from you. Is here way to do create account and choose hosting by customers or is only for creating Invoice?
  2. till

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    An account in ISPConfig is named a client. You can find it in the menu at the top in ISPConfig. Clients are a part of ISPConfig itself. A hosting is called a client template in ISPConfig. This is also part of ISPConfig. You can find client templates in the client module as well. So you can have accounts and set up hosting with ISPConfig already. You do not need the Billing module for that. What the Billing Module does is that it allows you to create invoices. You can invoice your clients for the services based on the client templates that you offer from ISPConfig. You can find a detailed description of what the Billing Module provides including a manual as PDF download that describes all functions of the Billing Module here:
  3. pecka33

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    Thank you. Yes, i know. I think is here something like register form for visitors. They create account, paid and can add Website.
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    The module does not contain an external CMS or online shop-like software to set up your hosting company website. It has an API to integrate it into existing websites though, that can be used in conjunction with the ISPConfig remote API to integrate ISPConfig and Billing module into your company website.
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    I'm wondering if I bought the billing package in the past. I vaguely remember doing so?? any way to check?
    and is it fully compatible with current ispconfig? the billing module page says compatible with ispconfig 3.1 :)
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    You contacted us by email and I sent you a copy of the Billing Module on Oct. 23, 2023.


    Thanks. I'll check the page and update the text.
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