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    2 questions really,
    ive got the billing module but cant seem to see where i can configure the location of my soap_config.php obviously when making my own remoting app i can define where it is (./scripts/soap_config.php).

    im assuming its connecting to the soap client when paying via paypal correct me if im wrong. Also im assuming im free to change the payment confirmation page to whatever i page i like.

    how would i go about creating my own custom payment page that would integrate with the billing module
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    The soap api is not related to paypal connections. Paypal has its own communication matehod, it is named IPN. Please see paypal developer docs for details on how IPN works. The soap api is used to integrate the billing module into third party applications or into your website. Please see billing module aoi examples that can be downloaded here:

    on how to use the soap api to create and send invoices or change the invoice state,

    That depends on how you would want to integrate it. If its a page of your website and not a page in ispconfig, then use the remote api to change the invoice state to paid in ispconfig and to get the client and invoice details from ispconfig that you want to show on that page.

    If you just want to add another payment method, then all you have to do is that you add the new billing method in the files in the folder /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/billing/payments/

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