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    Hi, I have debian 9, ISPconfig3.1, with latest version of bind. I have a static IPv4, a domain, that my DNS server is authoritative for. I am able to create forward zones without any problem, but when I try to create reverse zone, it only creates a file with .err extension. Doesn't matter if I create signed zone or not. There are no related error messages in /var/log/syslog ...

    Name of the zone is like , since I don't have the whole subnet. Only one IP.
    The file, that ISPconfig creates looks like this:
    name of the file:
    $TTL        3600
    @       IN      SOA (
                            2017081501       ; serial, todays date + todays serial #
                            3600              ; refresh, seconds
                            540              ; retry, seconds
                            604800              ; expire, seconds
                            3600 )            ; minimum, seconds
     3600      PTR
    just one thing is suspicious - if I try to query the PTR record using nslookup, I get
    message, in the syslog

    The .err extension is present immediatelly, no matter if there is or isn't any record. Could someone please help me to debug this?
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    Please delete / close this post, I will post in in ISPconfig forum... Thanks

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