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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by lano, Jun 6, 2014.

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    I need help.

    My current setup is Ispconfig 3 on Squeeze with Mydns as primary nameserver and on the other end Raspberry Pi with Debian and standalone Mydns as secondary dns server (with database replication). Now, I'd like to change primary server with new, fresh instalation of Wheezy, dovecot and bind instead of mydns (perfect setup).

    I sucesfully transfered dns records (database dns tables) and converted them to Bind (about 150 records). Now I have problem (lack of knowledge), how to setup secondary bind server. What I would like to achieve is, that when I create new zone, it would automaticly sync with standalone secondary bind server.
    Is that possible? If so, how?

  2. till

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    Why did you convert any tables? ispconfig uses the exact same tables for bind and mydns, even on a running system you can switch between bind and mydns at ay time. Also DNS replication is handled by ispconfig internally, so nither mysql replication is needed nor bind dns replication. yo can even mix bind, mydns and pwerdns servers in the same multiserver setup as ns1, ns2 and ns3.

    Take alok at the ispconfig 3 multiserver guide on how to install a multiserver setup with several dns servers.
  3. lano

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    Well, right now I'm banging my head to my table. I did everything right, but I did not se so obvious solution. As I did import only DNS tables, all I have to do is to change database replication to my new server and have Bind-Mydns master-slave relation.

    Edit: reason, why I use database replication instead of multiserver setup is, that slave dns server is raspbery pi with only mydns installed.

    Again, thanks and have a nice weekend!
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