BInd9 refuses to start any more

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by dutch2005, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. dutch2005

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    Hey guys..

    I am kinda of new to ISPCONFIG3, and while messing around i think with the settings... my BInd9 broke... (it wont start anymore...)
    Imo all i did was change the listning port from to any (as I run the name server(s) of my own domain...)

    Now i cant quite find the location of were Bind9 configured using ispconfig stores the error messages if stuff doesnt start... can you guys give me some pointers pls?

    This way i can see/find were/why the service wont boot no more...

    If its not easy to fix, if i remove (uninstall & purge bind9, then re-install it.. will stuff work aswell this way? (as adding the dns zone info via the control panel isnt quite a problem atm.....)
  2. dutch2005

    dutch2005 New Member


    In named.conf.local I have allow update --> *; instead of any; *oops*

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