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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jimmy, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I,m running an ubuntu breezy system setup having followed the isp server setup for ubuntu breezy. Thus far all,s worked pretty well but i,ve run into a bit of a snag. when i try to delete a user it shows them removed in ispconfig but doesnt remove the directories or the entry in the mysql db isp_user_user and until i remove those i cant recreate the user. Any ideas on how i can correct this so that when i remove a user from within ispconfig it removes them fully? Also over the past week or so have been receiving a large amount of blank emails, nothing in the body, subject, nothing in the header except some references to spamassasin. Any ideas on how i can remedy this as well would be much apreciated.
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    ISPConfig has a recycle bin like windows, kde, gnome ora many other operating systems. If you delete an item, it is put in the recycle bin until you empty the recycle bin. You can not create a user with the same name until it is removed from the recycle bin.

    This may happen when you enabled the mailscan option for an email account. Mailscan is for cleaning up html mails and removing javascript inside the mail. Just disable mailscan, this wont affect antivirus and spam scanning.

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