Bookstack app prevents accessing to ISPConfig login page

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Keoz, Nov 14, 2022.

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    Hosting provider : OVH
    Machine : remote VPS
    OS distro : Ubuntu 22.04 (bionic beaver)
    User : superuser with sudo rights
    Web server : apache 2.4
    Cpanel : ISPConfig 3.2.9


    I wish to install Bookstack app, but it prevents ISPConfig from running !
    Having a look to the official doc to install Bookstack on Ubuntu 22.04, one can read that it contains such this warning :

    /// WARNING !!! ///
    “This script is ONLY FOR A FRESH OS, it will install Apache, MySQL 8.0 & PHP-8.1 and could OVERWRITE any existing web setup on the machine“

    This may be the reason why in both cases described below, Bookstack prevents ISPConfig from running :
    • If ISPConfig get installed after Bookstack app, attempt to access ISPConfig admin login page results in a blank page displaying an error mesage....
    • If ISPConfig get installed before Bookstack app, then connection to ISPConfig admin login page works fine until Bookstack app get installed, and fails afterward (same blank page and error message as in case above).
    I also tried to install Bookstack app from Docker, having in mind that if containerized, the app should not anymore prevent ISPConfig from running, but it still does !

    /// QUESTIONS ///
    Is my only choice to use Bookstack is to allocate it a new server (VPS) free from ISPConfig ?
    Any idea of what to set that may permit both Bookstack apps and ISPConfig to run on a same server ?

  2. till

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    Running such an app in docker can not interfere with ISPConfig, unless you e.g. assign it the port of the ISPConfig UI or alter the web server on the system in a way to prevent access to ISPConfig. I recommend that you check what the error is and also check what you changed besides starting that docker container and double-check to not use the same port for both applications. You might also want to say which exact instructions you used to install bookstack with Docker so we might see which of it neds to be adjusted.
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    if both are needed, why not just install ispconfig as normal, and create a vhost/website in ispconfig for the bookstack domain.
    create a jailkit ssh user, and make sure that composer (and git) is installed and included in the jailkit for the website.
    then ssh in as the site user, go to /web, and install the site manually using git clone and composer

    there doesn't look to be anything in the manual install process that would obviously interfere with the running of ispconfig.

    the only issue i can see is that for the prerequisites, you'll maybe need to install a couple of php modules that maybe aren't installed by default using the perfect server tutorials or the autoinstaller script.
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