bug in the monitoring system ?

Discussion in 'General' started by the_spy, Dec 27, 2007.

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    System: Ispconfig 2.2.18 , Debian etch 32bit , we call it server1.domain1.com

    in the section Management > Server > Services > Monitoring, I added a service on a remote host server2.domain2.com with a specific port 1234 tcp. (there is also others services monitoring but only for localhost, web ftp ... it works fine)

    it added correctly, display the right informations in the services monitoring listing. but then I received an email with the wrong host:

    "WARNING: service not running (server: server1.domain1.com, port: 1234)!"

    at least I should have received this instead:

    "WARNING: service not running (server: server2.domain2.com, port: 1234)!"

    But also I'm not sure if it's only an email problem, or the monitoring script which check at the wrong server, because as far as I can see the 1234 port works fine on the server2. (and this port is not open in the server1 so the alert would be normal for server1, but since I check only server2..)

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  2. till

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    The monitoring system is build for the local system only.
  3. the_spy

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    ah ok, so you should not allow the possibility of changing the "Hostname" field if only localhost can be entered in it.

    or it could be a great improvment if it works on remote host in future versions :)


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