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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by newz2000, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Hi, I won't pretend that this is simple to fix, but it is a bug.

    The setup scripts and some of the other scripts used to install ISP Config have in their sh-bang #!/bin/sh but in reality they rely on /bin/bash. If a script is a bash script (instead of a posix-compatible shell script) then they should specify #/bin/bash since on newer Debian and Ubuntu systems /bin/sh != /bin/bash

    For the record, bash takes a lot longer to start up than the simpler dash shell so dash is the default now which had a tremendous impact on boot speed. Dash is a posix compatible shell so shell scripts which conform to posix standards will work in dash or bash or numerous other shells. Posix scripts can be a pain in the butt when you're used to scripting for bash, so it's best in those cases where you don't want to rewrite/relearn to just use #!/bin/bash.

    This has the additional benefit of failing outright on systems that don't have bash installed, rather than doing a half-install with tons of confusing errors and possibly leaving the system in an unusable state.
  2. till

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    /bin/dash is not supported by ISPCOnfig 2 and has to be replaced so /bin/sh and /bin/bash point to /bin/bash and not /bin/dash, thats clearly described in the perfect setup guides for the affected Linux distributions.

    Many software like the original apache configure scripts from apache.org do not support the way ubuntu has changed the shell and thats why it has to be configured as we describe it in the perfect setup. This will not be changed in ISPConfig 2.

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