Building a cluster based on a production running ISPC3-Server

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by AceLine, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Hi all!
    Hi Falco and Till!

    At first: Thnx again for your great work on ISPC3 and also on the very detailed ISPC3-Manual!

    My quest: ISPC3-Server on Debian Lenny is now running since more than one year in production. Now I´d like to create a cluster on a second server machine based on the detailed explanation in the ISPC3-Manual.

    The first question is: Can I make all the changings for master on my production system for the cluster to work or is it to big risk?

    The second question: Could you please point me out at least some rules to minimize the risk on configuration mismatch and losing my fine working production enviroment? Is it a well known and very stable procedure or, or, or....

    Perhaps also you folks (admins and other users) have had some good or bad experience on clustering a prod-system and could give me some preventive hints to have an eye on...

    Thnx in advance for all ideas, sugestions, rules a.s.o...

    Best regards from Austria,


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