Can ISPC auto generate lets encrypt for panel 8080, ftp, postfix and dovecot?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by martinhe, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. martinhe

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    Hi all, I noticed that new in 3.2 the installer asks for SSL as follows:

    Create new ISPConfig SSL certificate (yes,no) [no]: yes
    Symlink ISPConfig SSL certs to Postfix? (y,n) [y]: Symlink ISPConfig SSL certs to Postfix? (y,n) [y]: y
    Symlink ISPConfig SSL certs to Pure-FTPd? Creating dhparam file may take some time. (y,n) [y]: y

    • What confuses me is that it doesn't ask for SSL for dovecot, it only asks for postfix?
    • Is this some kind of self-signed SSL certificate or Lets Encrypt that will automatically renew itself?
    • Does ISPConfig encrypt the web panel with i http on https://<hostname>:8080?

    How to please let's encrypt for http (web-panel 8080), pure-ftp, postfix and dovecot via autointall.ini here:

    Thanks for informations.
  2. till

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    Dovecot uses the Postfix SSL cert, makes no sense to have different certs for smtp and imap.

    A Let's encrypt SSL cert is used if Let#s encrypt is able to issue a cert for the hostname, if the cert is refused e.g. due to wrong DNS configuration, then a self-signed SSL cert is used.

    The Controlpanel login is always SSL encrypted.

    You can find the autoinstall.ini sample in the ISPConfig tar.gz file, it enables SSL by default.
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  3. martinhe

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    Ah, so just put yes 3 times in the installation configuration file during installation and all services will be encrypted with LE, that's great, thank you for the advice.

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