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    I'm trying to add a catchall for unlisted TLD's. However I'm getting the error 'Invalid domain name od domain contains invalid characters.'
    webmail.ucann2 is the name I'm trying to add.
    I would like adjust the regex so that I can add numbers into the TLD (as I suspect this is the issue). I ws able to add the web sit with no problems. Where can I find the regex that handles this so that I may be able to correct this is issue?


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    Just tried to do this again...and remember I had this message on the response? I have yet to find the regex to correct this
    You can create a email domain. website and mailboxes; but are not able to create a catchall.
    If I can be directed to the file that contains the regex I can fix this.
  3. archiac3

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    Just found the regex... Where do I got the repo? OR can someone modify the regex for the next release?

    Modification :: Add 0-9 to the regex so that the source of the catchall will allow TLD's with numbers in it.
    File :: /var/www/ispconfig/mail/form/mail_domain_catchall.tform.php
    Line :: 89
    Before ::'regex' => '/^\@[\w\.\-]{2,255}\.[a-zA-Z\-]{2,30}$/',
    After :: 'regex' => '/^\@[\w\.\-]{2,255}\.[a-zA-Z0-9\-]{2,30}$/',
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    Works fine here in FF, Chrome and IE, no SSL error.

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