Cannot read original message released in Mailscanner

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    Hi there,

    i need help.

    this is my mail server info :

    Horde : 3.3.4
    OS : Fedora 9

    this is info for my spam server :
    Mailscanner 4.62.9
    OS : CentOS 5.x

    Email from outside send to my spam server and filter by mailscanner. The email has been marked as spam and put into quarantine.

    in Mailwatch it has function to release the spam email. I used it and it send the full message back to the receiver. It successfully sent.

    However, when the receiver open their inbox, it got an email being release by admin which telling that the user need to open the attachment.

    The email has attachment named 'Original Message'. However with no extension file. The user download it and cannot open the file. How can this happen? Is there any configuration that i need to setup in order to make the user can open the original message being sent which is fall into spam quarantine accidently.

    Please help me on this.
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  3. muzzo

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    Thanx [SOLVED]

    Thanx, the problem had resolved by your solution.

    However the MailScanner patch file does not exist, but thank you for typing it into the web.

    I just change a bit to the patch by making it whenever admin release the mail, it will used admin email as the sender but the recepient will receive the mail without knowing it is coming from the admin because it will still appear the real sender. The reason i do like that is because, i have whitelist the admin mail so it will not blocked again when release.

    Anyone can refer to my blog for the solution : (malay language but non malay can use google translate)

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