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    Good day everyone,

    I built server for myself and installed BOINC together with ISPconfig on it. I followed "The Perfect Server - Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet)" tutorial.
    I am running server on Virtual Machine with NAT networking and forwarded ports for FTP, Apache, ISPconfig, etc.
    I created new user, assigned domain and nameservers to it. Installed wordpress using "Available packages" window. Created FTP account.

    But I can't use ISPconfig, because of these problems:
    • I try to access user directory and get "Not Found" message.
    • I try to connect to FTP using WinSCP and it says "incorrect password" even if its correct.
    • I try to access domain and I get "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" message.

    I can connect to my admin panel perfectly and I made some screenshots of my configuration, attached to post.

    I am new to this system, may you help me solve these problems and correctly configure my install?

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