Can't access ISPConfig on port 8080

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by iNono94, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. iNono94

    iNono94 New Member

    A few days ago I configured a new debian 9 server with a video course from udemy. Everything was working. Now I have a new vServer from an other provider. Debian 9 was preinstalled. I followed the course again but now I can't access ISPConfig on port 8080. The apache default page, phpmyadmin and roundcube are accessable, also with my domain. But ISPConfig not. Here is my ISPConfig Check:
    Can someone see what is wrong here? Let me know if you need more infos.
  2. Ghostdare

    Ghostdare Member

    The port 8080 may be blocked by your provider. Try to telnet on that port or ask ISP if they are blocking this port.
  3. iNono94

    iNono94 New Member

    Telnet gives me this:
    telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

    I'll contact my Provider and ask if the port is blocked. Thanks!

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