Can't access Roundcube after new install of Debian 11

Discussion in 'General' started by axxies, Apr 28, 2023.

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    I rented a server for tiny money, installed Debian 11 on it, then ISPconfig3 and the Roundcube that followed with that. I can't access Roundcube. When trying to access it, I get "Unsupported PHP version. Required PHP >= 5.4 and < 8.0. You might need to manually install the phpX.Y package (for X.Y < 8.0) as well as phpX.Y-{cli,intl,json,mbstring}." . It seems like it's using PHP 8.2.5 .

    I have tried to fix that using these two:
    # update-alternatives --config php-cgi
    # update-alternatives --config php

    ...but that didn't help.

    The server is installed using the "perfect server" setup followed by a regular ISPconfig3 installation.

    I read somewhere here at the forums that although RC V1.6 supports a higher PHP version, it would not be a solution since ISPconfig3 does not run under PHP 8.x. I am totally out of ideas on how I can fix this and make Roundcube run under e.g. PHP V7.4 . So I would appreciate some ideas. Maybe some of you have experienced before.

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    Thank you so much for your kindness. You think that I didn't try to find it?

    Two relevant posts. None provided a solution:

    No other answer there that even matched the search.

    If you don't want to answer, then don't.

    You are a "Well-known member" here. I wonder for what reason...
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    As you can see, not that many post related to your search because that is not the only thing that I contributed here, so try to be nice when people is trying to help you and try not to be rude.

    You didn't even paste your report here, so assumption of not reading is obvious., especially when other people install work just fine out of box following the latest tutorial (
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    So "Please read before posting!" is being nice to you? Wow! The only one being rude in this thread was you.

    I'll just wait for the answers from those who don't mind to try to help or give some hints. I have come across many such persons here.

    I thank you for all your help so far. It's much appreciated. ;)
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