Can't deliver email to Gmail & others

Discussion in 'General' started by greenovni, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    Hello all

    I set up my email delivery system and while I can receive email from others, it bounces back from the major providers when I send email.

    Gmail error says this:

    <[email protected]>: host[] said:
    550-5.7.1 [My.IP.Address] The IP you're using to send mail is not
    authorized to 550-5.7.1 send email directly to our servers. Please use the
    SMTP relay at your 550-5.7.1 service provider instead. Learn more at 550 5.7.1 .com/support/bin/
    30si760294agc.69 (in reply to end of DATA command)

    After searching everywhere, I can't find the solution... Must I set my dns server a certain way so I can reach gmail?
  2. edge

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  3. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    Thanks edge

    I figured out how to do it last night. It turns out that my ip address is not liked by gmail etc.

    I called my connection provider, asked for my logins to their smtp server (roadrunner cable)

    & after installing and configuring it turns out that roadrunner doesn't need smtp authentication.

    Added their smtp servers to the mail script and viola! Mail can be delivered everywhere :)

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