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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by daniel5455, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. daniel5455

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    I followed these instructions. The Perfect Server - Fedora 9 from a fresh install. I am trying to create a testing server so my webdesigners can create their sites and test them on this server. If all goes well then i upload to the customers hosting server. My goal is to setup a webserver where i can create multiple sites with separate user account so each webdesigner i used can have there own space and access to what i assign them. So from that i setup ISPconfig and created a Client then a site, configured the login data for the client so i will give that to my designer and i tried to test the ftp access and it failed. I also can not get postfix to start it keeps failing. I dont really need the mail portion as this is only for testing sites. Any suggestions on why i cant login to the ftp with the login data that i created. the ftp service is on.
  2. bswinnerton

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    Perhaps a firewall is blocking port 20 & 21? What do you have in in your FTP logs? Should be somewhere around /var/log/

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