Can't Locate Module DRBD

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by endurion, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. endurion

    endurion New Member

    Hello all,

    I am having a problem early in the steps of the Highly Available NFS Server howto.

    The make and make install of the DRBD source went along fine, and the /etc/drbd.conf file was there for me to edit. But that is as far as I can seem to get!

    When I run modprobe drbd I get the following: modprobe: Can't locate module drbd :confused:

    I've gone over everything I can possibly think of, and searching for this error yields no results on howtoforge forums and nothing to speak of on google.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. endurion

    endurion New Member

    I should add that at the part of the howto where it says to

    apt-get install kernel-headers-2.6.8-2-386
    I instead used

    apt-get install kernel-headers-`uname -r`
    to get the proper kernel headers for my kernel.
  3. endurion

    endurion New Member

    I've started over and am using the 2.6 Debian kernel.

    The problem is gone now! Not sure if it is something specific to the 2.4 kernel, or something I was doing, but it seems to be working fine this way.

    So far, so good.

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