Can't receive any mails after update

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by heinerlamprecht, Apr 5, 2008.

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    this system is driving me crazy. I don't receive any mails anymore! After updating ISPconfig this afternoon, first everything was running quite well. But now, if I send me a mail, it will not be delivered! /var/log/mail says, the mail has been handed over to procmail, but it never come to my mailbox. The only thing I see, is that the timestamp of .../Maildir/tmp/ is changing at incoming mails, but the directory remains empty.

    Please, is anybody able to help me? Until now, it looks as if none of my users have suffered this, because there haven't been any incoming messages for them. But his will surely change ...

    Thanks in advance,

  2. till

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    I'am pretty sure that this problem is not related to the update. Did you reconfigure any domain or email address in ISPConfig or on the shell after the update?
  3. heinerlamprecht

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    The only thing I tried was to add a new alias to an existing email address (via webfrontend). But I can not exactly recall the very status of the system at that time.

    Nevertheless, I made a complete rollback to the old version (by installing the backup). Instead of updating ISPconfig in total, I now only exchanged ClamAV. The above mentioned problem remains for some (quite few, actually) mails. I switched on the logging for procmail, and see that it is working. But I still can see, that mails are handed to procmail. the timestamp of the tmp folder changes, but neither can the mail be found, nor are there any traces in the logfile of procmail.

    I know, it sound strange. I'm glad, it happens only for very few mails. Once I find the time, I will write a small wrapper for procmail to see if I can get more details.



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