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  1. Hello,

    Both NEW and Existing ISPCONFIG3 server installs arent sending emails externally.

    Deb 10 (was updated from deb 9) and Deb 9 used, AWS server and used the auto install script.

    Get Connection Timed Out error.

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  3. Hello,

    The rest of the server works...... Website, DNS, EMAIL (If i send to a domain it manages, and i can get email from other people).

    Cant send email to domain if i set it up on the OTHER server..... Second Server is just for Testing Purposes.

    Both are individual setups, i wanted to set if it was a issue with DEB 10.
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    Ok, so you just can't send emails from the system. This indicates that port 25 might be blocked outgoing. You should contact the support of your datacenter or provider and ask them if they block port 25, this is not uncommon.
  5. When port scan i see 25 is open.....

    Its AWS and EVEN on the second server, ALLOWED all Ports on AWS and TURNED FW OFF
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    AWS blocks port 25 as far as I know, they allow mail sending only through their systems to avoid spam. To test if port 25 is blocked, use telnet command. Login to your server and execute this command:

    telnet 25
    you either get a timeout, then port 25 is blocked, or you get this:

    Trying 2a00:1450:400c:c0b::1a...
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    220 ESMTP d1si34014918wre.470 - gsmtp
    which means port 25 is open. You can quit the telnet session by entering the word 'quit' and then press return.
  7. Want to thank you for your work on this product...... Been using it for YEARS, in one way or an other!

    Sent the request to AWS for port 25.... so thank you for that! :)
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