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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by pendland, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. pendland

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    Postfix version 2.2.11 / Fedora Core 6

    Under ISP Site, I can't set the hostname to a blank field. When I set it to nothing, it seems to work but the default www keeps being placed in as host every time I gop back to the ISP Site screen. This is fine until I change an email user and I get:

    [email protected] in virtusertable.

    If I go back and set hostname to a blank, virtusertable is corrected. This lasts until the next time I add a new user. When I add a new user ALL users are back to:

    [email protected]m

    I have tried a blank - it works but the default of www comes back on any change. I have tried -1 and - but this is not correct. If you do in fact set it to something e.g. 2 it saves this and it works fine and it saves it, but blanks are not working.

    Any suggestions on correcting this would be very appreciated. . .

  2. pendland

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    If I set the hostname blank first then add a new email user, it works fine, so I would assume that if I can find a way so that hostname will not autofill with www if it is blank, it should be fixed.

    I wish I knew PHP programming but I am quite weak in that area. . .

    If anyone might have a suggestion as to what to do to what file I would be most greatful.

  3. pendland

    pendland New Member


    When I click on IP Site and do not make any changes then click on User & Email, the virtusertable is changed for that domain.

    e.g. from [email protected] to [email protected].

    This tells me that once you change from the Basis screen to any other tab the program saves what is currently in Basis; therefore, the hostname www keeps popping in the hostname field and this is a big problem unless you set it to blanks before you click on a tab.

    Anyones have any ideas on this?

  4. till

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    Thats no problem at all.

    You can not set a blank hostname, the hostname must always be set in ISPConfig, thats why it is filled automtically in case you forgot to set it. ISPConfig adds a co-domain with empty hostname automatically for you. If the co-domain is not created automatically, you set the domain limit too low.
  5. pendland

    pendland New Member

    Thanks for the reply. That indeed fixed my problem.

    Thanks again,

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