Centos 7 httpd/2 howto guide.

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    Hi all, recently due to OVH problem in France, i had to reinstall my server. I use a Centos7 linux server. I followed the guide Centos 7 perfect server. On my old server i have been able to setup httpd/2 probably rebuilding the whole httd (cannot really remember) and activating SPDY function on ISPCONFIG everything was fine. I have seen that the vhost config files are already with "h2" enabled if present. After this the crucial question is. Is there a way to proper install http/2 on centos 7 ?
    If i install a non official version of httpd from another repository do i have to do it before installing ispconfig, or i can "update" the http 2.4.6 given by epel repository ?
    Thanks for your suggestions.
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    If you are installing a new system, I would advice you to use Debian or Ubuntu, not CentOS.
    The autoinstaller supports those distro's and enables HTTP/2 by default.

    If you still want to use CentOS, please share your http daemon (Apache or nginx).
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    Thanks a lot for your answer. Well i will first try to setup on a local test server debian, as you suggested, i will try to move all websites, dbs and configs to the new installation and see how it works. If i do not find it confortable i will ask your help again with centos.
    Thansk again for your fast answer.
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