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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by SONiQz, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. SONiQz

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    I have recently installed CentOS 7 on my storage server which works well. As I am used to using Windows there are some times I like to be able to access the desktop environment to make adjustments, call me lazy.

    Now I have setup VNC to allow access to the desktop remotely, which is working A-OK except for when I try and access programs that require elevated permissions. I am an administrator user, however I can't access the Firewall control panel or network panel for example, as it doesn't display the authorisation screen to give it my password.

    I followed the guide here > Linky-Link
    to configure VNC and have made an amendment to /etc/security/access.conf, where I changed the line

    # -:wheel:ALL EXCEPT LOCAL .win.tue.nl**

    to +-:wheel:ALL .win.tue.nl

    as per a note I found here

    I assume there is something that needs to be tweaked to allow it to work, I have just not got any idea where to start looking.

    Anyone have experience of this? Please let me know!
  2. srijan

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    I think your firewall is not allowing the VNC connection. I have not tested the VNC-serverin CentOS 7, but I have tested it in CentOS 6.5 link

    For firewall override I will recommend.
  3. SONiQz

    SONiQz New Member

    The VNC connection is working, my issue is when connected with VNC there is an isse with applications that require elevated permissions. Certain control panels and apps like the Firewall GUI app.
  4. srijan

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    I crosschecked the vncserver installation in CentOS 7.0 and checked the issue for the elavated issues like network/firewall configuration, it was working fine in my case. I have documented the steps and soon it will be pulished over the howto section.
  5. SONiQz

    SONiQz New Member

    I am not disputing that you have it working, I however do not. I already have a firewall rule, otherwise I wouldn't be able to connect, so it's got to be down to either the xstartup or tigervnc configuration, or there is something in polkit that it causing an issue.

    Please see the attached screenshot of the error message displayed when trying to open firewall-config via VNC.

    Kind regards


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  6. SONiQz

    SONiQz New Member

    So, no-one else is having this problem?
  7. pdifeo

    pdifeo New Member

    I have the same problem but ... without solution.

    If you have resolved, please tell me how.
  8. SONiQz

    SONiQz New Member

    Sorry, still no idea whats wrong :-(

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