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  1. birotx

    birotx New Member

    So, I created a NEW domain, added it from the menu, configured DNS and I created a NEW SSL CERTIFICATE USING THE WEB INTERFACE but the new page uses an old issued certificate which was created for another domain.
    I decided to create a new domain because on the old domain all the certificates I was creating were not working FOR ANY OF THE SUBDOMAINS, looks like I found the reason. The ONLY certificate used by the connection to the server is the first one I ever created, even if I went to the old domain (using the web interface) and deleted all the generated certificates.

    How can I solve this?
  2. azmaer

    azmaer New Member

    i had same issue. After putting correct key/crt etc in ispconfig tab, I changed files manually, which was written by ISPConfig in /ssl directory of web (the old ones)

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