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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by jim Rump, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. jim Rump

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    When I try to change the client_id for a e-maildomain via API, then the e-maildomain is changed to the new client_id.
    This works.
    But all mailboxes which belong to the e-maildomain are not transfered to the new client_id.
    Is this as it should work? And do I need to change the client_id for mailboxes also?


    relevant code:
    $mail_domain_record = $client->mail_domain_get_by_domain($session_id, $maildomain_name);
    $maildomain_id = $mail_domain_record[0]['domain_id'];
    $mailclientaangepast = $client->mail_domain_update($session_id, $ispc_new_client_id, $maildomain_id, $mail_domain_record[0]);
  2. till

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    yes, the api is low level. So it does not perform all automatic actions that the UI does which gives you more flexibility, on the other hand it takes mor work in some areas.


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