Change port defautl 8080 to XXXX, is posible easy or reinstall all??

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by daviz_zamora, May 2, 2014.

  1. daviz_zamora

    daviz_zamora New Member

    Hi all, I have managed to install CentOS + Nginx + ISPConfig (i am noob to these issues, excuse my ignorance)

    I would like to change the port 8080 to 3030 .. only be possible by modifying part of the code, or should I resintalar all over again from the beginning and define ISPConfig port XXXX?

    It is the default port, not it funny that anyone can come and find the control panel ....

    Thank you.
  2. commentator

    commentator Member

    anyone can also find other ports ;)

    it's a vhost so you can change the port in the vhost config file (and adjust the port in your firewall config).
    Or you can run the ispconfig setup and change it there.
  3. daviz_zamora

    daviz_zamora New Member

    install default (8080) and from vhost change, I can point to the new port .. is this? sorry but for me this is all new


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