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  1. =ChAoS=

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    Hi, I installed ispconfig following the howto tutorial "perfect server ubuntu 10.04 on a remote dedicated server. As a noob it seemed the best way to get apache/mail etc up and running. I then installed my ipb board and started my forum.

    Only after did i realise that by default my provider formatted the 1T hdd so that "file system" installed on a 10gig partition and the other 900 odd gig was the /home directory. When i installed my forum i saw it was installed in /var/www and so was limited to what was left of the 10gig file system partition. Also any other sites i create install in that partition.

    After doing some reading it seems i cannot expand the file system partition and if i want to move it to a larger partition i need to use the install disc which is not an option.

    So is there anyway i can tell ispconfig to point to another location?

    I made an exact replica of /var/www in /home/www and edited my sites enabled files to point to this but it seems that ispconfig is still looking for my sites in /var/www.

    I hope this makes sense as all i really want is more space for my forum/other sites etc. I hope this can be done or there is a simple solution i haven't found yet or its back to the drawing board and reformat time.

    Thanks for any help =ChAoS=
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This was not a good isea as /var/www must be the root directory of all websites as /var/www is hard compiled into apache and every other directory will cause a securitey exception in apache when you activate suexec. So please undo all changes that you did.

    There is a much easier solution for your problem, you just swap the content and remount /home as /var. Please see here for detailed instructions:
  3. =ChAoS=

    =ChAoS= New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Can this be done with ispconfig already installed only the tutorial seems to imply ispconfig isn't installed yet?

    Thanks =ChAoS=
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, this can be done when ispconfig is installed already.
  5. =ChAoS=

    =ChAoS= New Member

    Sorry but i have one last question ...

    It seems to my inexperienced linux mind that my /home directory would then be 10gig? If this is so, would it be possible to just gpart my current 900gig /home in half and name/mount the second half and copy /var to there?

    Thanks for all your help till =ChAoS=
  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Why do you need a bigger home directory? The home dir is not used on a web and email server.
  7. =ChAoS=

    =ChAoS= New Member

    Just the option incase i ever need it.

    The tutorials i've seen for running game servers for example get installed under my name in /home.

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