Changing /var/vmail directory ISP Config 3?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by KZeeSoft, Mar 24, 2010.

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    I have followed "Perfect Server Debian Lenny ISP Config 3" installation and have been tweaking it for personal preference. So far it has worked great! I really enjoyed the howto and support after! =)

    I want to tweak the mail directory, and seem to be getting hung up on doing this so I hope that someone can help.

    What I wanted was a separate partition on my hard drive for the web pages, and a separate partition for the mail directory to go on. I currently have the server on a RAID 1 setup, and have those partitions setup already in the array. The /var/www directory works great, but the mail partition is not being used. So right now I have an empty partition named /var/www/webmail.:

    What I want to accomplish is this:

    Mail directory: /var/www/webmail

    But what I have is this:

    Mail directory: /var/vmail

    How would I change this so the emails can be stored on their own partition, as I intended them to be? I did not make the /var partition near big enough to handle mailboxes as big as I would like to allow, so I want to change this directory asap. I am assuming there are various scripts I have to change to reflect the new directory, because even though I tried to change it in ISP Config 3, the mail stopped working.

    As of right now, I restored the original settings so mail is working again.

    Anyone know how to change the directory?

    As always, thanks for the help!
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    To Clarify

    Just to clarify...

    I already have the partitions set up.
    I already have the mail server working.

    But I need to change the mail directory from the default: /var/vmail to /var/www/webmail.

    How would I accomplish this?

    Thanks =)
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    Im guessing this is not possible?
  4. KZeeSoft

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    I thought this was possible reading about it in other forums and howto's, but am not sure how to do it without whacking the whole server and starting from scratch.

    Anyone have an idea at the least?

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