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Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by xxxlfreddy, May 28, 2008.

  1. xxxlfreddy

    xxxlfreddy New Member

    I am finally able to get a login page on my chillispot hotspot client from an Ubuntu machine.

    My big problem is that when i try to log in a valid user i get a login failure page.

    1. What could be the problem?
    2. Where do I get the error log files for chillispot?

    Help me please!
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Not sure - maybe in /var/log?
  3. chillifire

    chillifire New Member

    chillispot is not the problem ...

    Chillispot does no authenctication, therefore any log of it would be useless. If authentication is denied, the deniel comes from the radies server chillispot is talking to. A denial has typically one of three reasons:
    1) chillispot does not get through to the radius server due to the firewall, dns or other networking problems,
    2) your authentication set up in radiusd.conf (assuming you use freeradius) or sql.conf (assuming you use a mysql database to support freeradius) is screwed
    3) your set up of the account in radacct, usergroup and radgroupcheck is incorrect

    Best way to find out is to run chilli and freeradius in foreground, each in debuging mode ata the same time on one screen. You will see then in front of you, whether an authentication request even gets through to freeradius, whether the mysql dtabases are connected properly to freeradius, and what part of the freeradius processing in radius.conf produces the negative result.

    It is hard work, but a least you will stop guessing and start learning what happens inside freeradius.



    PS: And if it is all too hard, come see us at chillifire - our service is free for non-commercial use
  4. kswiss

    kswiss New Member

    i tried to go to the site but there seems to be a problem. I am experiencing the same problem as xxlxfreddy. Could u please post a detailed how so as to be able to know what the exact problem is....
  5. chillifire

    chillifire New Member

    Please give me more...

    ... as this is not enough to analyze your problem. What is the user account you have problem with? And are you talking about an end-user account - i.e. are your testing the Hotspot solution - or are you taling about your chiollifire account to manage your own hotspot.
    I am happy to help, but I need a bit more information to be able to help.
  6. kswiss

    kswiss New Member

    Thanx for the reply.My problem is that i just installed chillispot and therefore i am trying to test whether it works.It is for use in the office which has wireless users and i want them to first authenticate by providing a user name and password before using the internet. I am unable to log in.All i get is login failed.i've managed to get as far as the login page of chillispot. How do i add users? When i login to MySQL from the command line interface as root, there is a radius database.I have also installed phpmyadmin which also has the radius database.Which of the two is easier to use?

    please help...
  7. chillifire

    chillifire New Member

    Hi kswiss,
    there may be a fundemental misunderstanding about what chillifire is: It is a pay per usage controlled access to an internet connection. So to create a user, you should choose an access package, pay the due fees, and then you receive login credentials. No pay - no access. Now, to allow for exceptions,like your own office workers, you do not wish to pay, you can create users manually within the management console on Use your username and password created for your chillifire account (see manuals for how to cretae them). To make it clear: A chillifire account is different from an end-user account. The former is used to manage your chillifire installation, the latter is for users who buy access time to get access to your wireless hotspot.

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