chroot jail and SVN repositories

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Kira, May 29, 2018.

  1. Kira

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    I followed this guide to setup a chroot jail for a newly created user:

    It all works fine like in the guide, but I also created a svn-repository in that directory so the user could use it as their SVN server. The user can login via SSH, can ls' the repository etc. but access via SVN itself (Turtoise SVN in windows with svn+ssh://servername/svn-repo) is not working. The connection closes unexpectedly with not much info given on what's going wrong :(

    Does anyone know what I may need to do in order to make this work?

  2. Taleman

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    Did you install Subversion in that chroot?
    It may not be a good idea to use Subversion in chroot. I would set it up the usual way and only allow svn+ssh access.
  3. Kira

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    Oh, how would I limit the user to only svn+ssh? That sounds like a good solution as well :D
  4. Taleman

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    Use the Subversion book or Internet search engines with
    Subversion svn+ssh

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