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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by 5t3f4n, Nov 16, 2014.

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    running a multiserver set-up with dedicated IPs:


    Adding new database via ISPConfig 3 works, meaning the database and the database user are created and are showing also in dbispconfig - web_database and web_database_user.

    for some reason the system won't allow to access this added client database with the client database user via phpmyadmin, nor i can see the client database when logging in to phpmyadmin with root user.

    What can i check to debug/resolve this?

    all hints welcome.

  2. florian030

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    The databases are created on "database". To let the user sign-in with phpmyadmin, you must either install phpmyadmin on "database", too or run phpmyadmin on web / your master-server, configure phpmyadmin to connect to "database" (configure a 2nd server in the config) and allow remote-accces for db and the db-user.
  3. 5t3f4n

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    current set-up has phpmyadmin installed on web (master-server).

    phpmyadmin can access 'database' server, i.e.all tables in dbispconfig are displayed, roundcube db is there, etc.

    The database that was created in ISPConfig has remote access activated, and the remote access IP from the 'database' server ( is also specified.

    Still this database created via ISPConfig is not accessible with its database user and is not shown in phpmyadmin when logging in with root.

    what am I missing? maybe it's the 'configure a 2nd server in the config'? not sure where exactly i need to to that? in the phpmyadmin config file (/etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf)?
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    Please see here. If you do not use the remote-db-server with phpmyadmin, there are of course no new created users, as they will be created on "databse" (as long as you don´t have a replication between master and db).

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