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Discussion in 'General' started by vladki, Oct 19, 2016.

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    we want our cliets to manage mailboxes themselves, but we found out that they can rename (or even delete) their domain. While renaming a website would not be a big problem, renaming one's mail domain to e.g., would be quite a disaster. The server would believe it is the primary MX for these domains and deliver all such mail locally - e.g. to a catchall account. I tried to mitigate it by setting the limit of mail domains to 0. At first moment I thought I have won - the menu option for mail domains was gone, but when I clicked on mail module, I got right to mail domains, and could rename them.

    Btw, tried the same for DNS, and it is OK, domain cannot be renamed. I got error: Die Zone (SOA) kann nicht verändert werden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie ihren Administrator, um die Zone zu ändern. (Locales set to Czech :)

    Is there any solution to the problem of renaming mail domains?

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    Enable the domain limit module: System > Interface config > Domain.
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    Thank you very much, that's exactly what I was looking for.
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    I found out that the domain limit module affects the admin user as well.
    Admin cannot create new domains - instead of input box I can see a combo with a list of all already existing DNS domains, mail domains and websites.

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