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    I have an idea, but do not know how to implement. I would like to create a cluster of n machines that create a pool resorce, for instance using VirtualBox, create the virtual machine, but I wish if necessary, a virtual machine can be performed by two real computers, so that the virtual machine has with more resources than the two real machines.
    I do not know if you understand.:confused:

    Can you help me to implement such a project?

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    You cannot run 1 VM on multiple servers at the same time.
    Really can't see a reason why you would want that.

    You might want to have a look at "Cloud computing" .. VMWare has some nice solutions for that, .. it's not cheap though.
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    The reason to implement such a thing is that in a laboratory that has n machines, you could create a level of virtual machines, so when you connect to this remote laboratory is accessing a VM and when ' remote user needs more resources, leverages all the VMs in the cluster to have a more performative.
    I think one thing is already possible to pool resources with VMware, but I want to do with free software such as VirtualBox or KVM.
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    As far as i know there are no free solutions for cloud computing
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