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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by toyito, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. toyito

    toyito New Member


    Im looking for a CMS (Content Management System), to use in a ISPConfig server.
    If someone have implemented any kind of CMS can give some tips about that pls?

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can use any PHP or perl cms on a server that is managed by ISPConfig.

    Some CMS I've used are Typo3, Mambo and Drupal.
  3. toyito

    toyito New Member

    Thank u Till ill look it.

  4. linuxuser1

    linuxuser1 New Member


    Out of curiosity, out the 3 which did you consider most user friendly, reliable and secure.

  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    That depends on your needs.

    Typo3 is very flexible and a real enterprise class CMS system with many modules. It is not so easy to manage and setup and as developer / administartor you will have to learn Typoscript, the Typo3 definition language.

    Drupal is more a partal system like the phpnuke systems. e.g. Howtoforge is absed on Drupal.

    Mambo / Joomla is somewhat in the middle between typo3 and drupal. Its Easier to manaage the typo3 bu has not the flexibility.

    I know there was just a security problem in mamabo, but i do not know the security trackback of this project in general.

    The above is all my personal experience and opinion, so feel free to post your experiences with these cms systems.
  6. linuxuser1

    linuxuser1 New Member


    Have never used any of the CMS but was just looking at the possibility of trying one out. Maybe I will try Typo3 if there is enough info or documentation that can aid in learning it.

    Thanks for your info as always.
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    There is very much documentation and some good tutorials available on
  8. webstergd

    webstergd New Member

    i have set up and installed many different cms's to test and run. Here is what I found out hope it helps.

    xoops - very easy to set up and install. Easy to work with templates. Management of users is not the easiest. Also, not all mod's work with the newest versions and difficult to find some good ones.
    example <- one of my sites been running with no problems for about 6 months

    phpbb2 - great for forums. I ran into a few security problems but if you keep it updated you shouldn't run into to many problems. If you are setting up a WoW guild phpbb2 has many great mods.

    phpbb2+ - phpbb2 with a portal interface. Pretty nice improvement of phpbb2. My phpbb2+ site was running for about a year with only a few slight security problems.

    joomla - my personal favorite. Not as easy to intergrate forums into it as others but not that hard. TONS of great templates and mods available. management is extreamly easy.
    example <- one of my sites...not finished yet

    phpnuke - probably my least favorite. Management sucks and hard to find good mods. However, it is very easy to make it look professional.

    SMF forums - I have run in little to no problems so far. Great system. I currently working on intergrating it into joomla. Not the easiest to intergrate but you can always just wrap it or configure the templates to look like your site.
    example - go to forum

    I have played with a few other cms's but there are the major ones that come to mind. Personal recomendation is as follows:

    joomla - probably the best all around.

    phpbb2+ - many great mods for guilds such as WoW.
  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    phpbb once used to be a great software, but in the past it has had too many security holes, and it really sucks if you have to update your forum software every few weeks. It might be ok if you run a small forum, but otherwise I recommend to use another forum software, maybe even a commercial one like vBulletin. This forum uses vBulletin, and I'm very glad we spent the money for it - we never had any problems, and it's a great piece of software. :) :)
  10. webstergd

    webstergd New Member

    I completely agree. I switched all my forums over from phpbb2 to SMF. I havent tested SMF enough to say what I think about it. I always wanted to try vBulletin. Never had the money or the real need to make the switch. I have never herd anything but rave reviews for it.

    Only reason I mentioned phpBB2 is that with guilds for games such as WoW it is still good. Many mods available that are hard to go without. Most of thoes mods are made only for phpbb2 and are not the easiest to port. and for an idea of what I am talking about.
  11. webstergd

    webstergd New Member

    For any users who are interested in finding a good cms or trying one out you might want to also look at the following website. It includes almost every major open cms out there. It also provides a demo site for most fo the cms's.

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