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  1. gfts

    gfts New Member


    I need to ask ... i have a domain .., now i want to make a subdomain as, which needs to be forwarded to the directory abc on the server directory.

    How should i go ahead with it ?

    As for the domain, i am just using a pointer with the name servers of a different isp.

  2. todvard

    todvard New Member

    Go to ISP Manager -> your site (eg.: -> Co-Domains -> Add New co-domain -> Hostname: abc, Domain: -> Forward: /var/www/webXX/web/abc (eg.: give the location of the abc folder in the file system, or if the abc folder can be reached by that way)
  3. gfts

    gfts New Member

    i did forward as but when i try, i cannot reach the page, also, while pinging, i am not able to ping

    I had also enabled create dns and create dns mx. do i have to enable them ? or it isn't required.

    I have given the ip as a real ip for the website. or should i give the local ip, ie 192.168.x.x for that website.

  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    In DNS you must use the public IP address, otherwiese people from outside your LAN can't access the domain.
    Is your ISPConfig server the authoritative name server for your domain?
    Can you post the real domain name here?
  5. gfts

    gfts New Member

    Yes, i have a Broadband connection, where i have a Live IP, and i can access the site from other isp's also.

    My query was, i wanted to create a sub-domain, namely as

    How do i do that ?

    The domain that i have booked, from the registrar, provides me the name servers, i had just to change the A record, to point the domain at my IP.
    The name servers remain of the registrar, who has provided me the domain.

  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1) Go to your registrar and make an A-Record for that points to your server IP.

    2) In ISPCOnfig, open the web where shall belong to, add a co-domain and enter in the forward field.
  7. gfts

    gfts New Member

    I did exactly the same, before trying to post in the forums.

    1. I have created a domain, where address = live ip.
    do i enable dns and dns-mx records for this domain ?

    2. I created a co-domain under this domain ..
    clicked on new ..
    hostname : abc
    domain :
    here, do i enable dns, dns-mx ?

    3. i clicked on forward :
    or do i mention as
    or do i mention as

    4. i clicked on options :local mail server : no changes

    I try to open the site from a browser, - page cannot be displayed.
    when i try to ping, unknown host, but i can ping

    Did i go wrong somewhere ?

  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Your problem seems not to be related to the forwarding.

    Is your server the autoritive nameserver for

    If yes, please check in the dns manager if there is an A-Record for abc pointing to your server IP in the primary record for

    After you created the record, it may take up to 48 hours until the dns changes become valid and you will be able to reach
  9. gfts

    gfts New Member

    I guess, i haven't yet configured my dns in ISP-Config.

    I'll play around with it for some time, before i get back here.

    I didn't try it before, was b'cs i didn't want to mess with things i don't know, or am not familiar about.

    Thanks :D

    ps : i just need to ask : do i need to configure the dns settings in ispconfig ?

    I am using ppp dialer with a static ip to get connected to the net.

    Thanks again
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  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    That depends if your ISPConfig server is authoritative for a domain. If you post your real domain name here, I can tell you more.

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