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  1. Arry

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    After reading & implementing the Cent OS guidelines for ISP config 3...I am confident I can do at least & not failed in Linux....

    My question is --------

    If I want to be a org or company who want to sell domain (like as visitors search my domain selling site and check whether their desired domain names under .com/.co.in/.in/.org/.edu/ etc are available or not.....) then what I have to do...I want to do that experimentally in my home ..I do not want to be a reseller or a sub reseller like this i.e. I purchase a reseller account for domain selling & do business ....no, not asking for this ....I want to configure a server such that I can sell a domain name (not free sub domain) technically like configuring server for web space hosting (shared).....

    I do not know even what is called Which I have asked .....Domain name hosting server or what....professional DNS hosting .....as if several domain name selling company e.g. "bigrock.in","godaddy,"bizdomain" do their business.

    I have bandwidth & live IP too....I want to start a small business....also give me some law point link regarding this domain selling business....

    Arindom Sil
  2. zcworld

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    im not sure on the way to go about it ... but i can give you an heads up on some stuff that you will be needing

    like at min 3 Ips
    you want to have like 3 web servers / DNS servers

    with an backend SQL server to the account info .. or something like that

    each DNS server will have to be on an UPS so there is no down time
    ( if your servers goes down,.... for any real time .. than people DNS names start to drop out for an while)

    but there is a lot more .... but thats just an start just google on how to resell DNS names and good luck

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