Completely removing Ubuntu from Windows 11 OS - Dual Boot

Discussion in 'Linux Beginners' started by MoneBell, Mar 15, 2024.

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    Hello, Linux members.
    When I was installing Ubuntu onto my Windows 11 laptop using a USB drive it somehow caused the OS to become a complete part of my system. Some of my memory was partitioned and it wasn’t in the virtual environment like it was supposed to. After some deep diving, I was able to remove Ubuntu as a dual-boot to my system safely but I knew that I hadn’t completely eradicated the contamination of the Ubuntu installation.

    It still looks like there is memory saved to the side for Ubuntu and I don't know how to regain it. Is there another step that I would have to take to get back some of that memory?
  2. pyte

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    You need to delete the partions from ubuntu and then resize the Windows partition to use the free space again. You can do this with the diskmgmt.msc utility
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  3. MoneBell

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    Thank you so much! I did this and it worked.

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