Complex scenario PostFix is it doable ?

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by masteripper, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. masteripper

    masteripper New Member

    Hello to everybody
    I am fighting for several days with a scenario and while i reach to certain point i just can't pull it through
    The scenario is like this
    MachineA & MachineB
    MachineA Ubuntu running postfix
    MachineB running windows hmailserver
    On MachineA there is a webform
    When a submisision takes place an email is send my scenario to fake email in order for Postfix to send it to MachineB
    MachineB receives the email and sends it to the final recepient via relay
    So the workflow goes like this
    Webform --> Submit --> blahblah@machineA_dot_com -----> Transported --> info@machineB_dot_com ----> Process ---> email to someuser@machineA_dot_com ----> arrives e.g to myemail@mymail_dot_com but is relayed via mymail@yahoo_dot_com
    Any ideas
    My is a complete disaster to show some assistance to get me going would be great.
    For now only this works :
    transport_maps/luser_relay that handles the email to any email transported to info@machineB_dot_com
    For the scenario of redirecting/relaying :sender_dependent_relayhost_maps i think it should be used to allow
    myemail@mymail_dot_com [smtp_dot_mail_dot_yahoo_dot_com]:465
    but i just can't make it work
  2. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Is there a reason for such a complicated setup?
    Have you tested each phase separately?
  3. masteripper

    masteripper New Member

    I tried phase1 works
    I tried relaying everything via 3rd party ... it works
    I just can't send email from machineB to account on machineA that will relay to the 3rd party
    Actually i can't connect at all via e.g. Thunderbird
    Does anyone has some sample Postfix configuration that will allow me to connect a mail client to Postfix
    I tried various guides but something is wrong...
    And i am afraid this complicated setup is needed...

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