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    Hello, good morning, I wanted to ask you, in a multi-server installation with 3 DNS servers, as it would be the best configuration: I was reading, the DNS server number 2 make it exclave from the first, then and this is my doubt, the third of who should be Exclavus of server 1 or 2?

    I think of the first, no?
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    The "slave" or "secondary" servers are "slaves" from the master (main) server.
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    To add a bit more on the terminology, from ISPConfig's job queueing perspective, all of the dns servers will be "slaves" to the main ISPConfig server (which is the control panel node). You can configure one dns server to mirror another dns server in ISPConfig so it gets all the same zones/records, or you could setup a master/slave at the DNS server level by adding a zone to one server and adding that same zone as a secondary dns zone to another server.
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