Config file not taking effect in 'Spamassassin' ver 3.3.1

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    I have a RHEL 6 with Spamassassin + AMAVIS + Postfix running as a gateway to an Exchange server. Please note, I am only a beginner and therefore I appreciate if your replies are in layman's terms. I did this Spamassassin setup by looking at a how-to tutorial and all has been well until recently the 'Zepto' virus started infecting the client machines. If fact I started reading documentations only after we encountered the problem. I only wanted to change these settings -

    1: Change rewrite_header Subject *****SPAM***** - So that I know the settings are taking effect. At the moment the mails had ***SPAM***
    2: Decrease the spam score from the default of 5 to 4 - To make it work a little more aggressively
    3: Set the option report_safe 2 - So that it makes it difficult to open attachments in the SPAM mails.

    Although I've changed the settings in both /etc/mail/spamassassin/ and /usr/share/spamassassin/ the changes are not taking effect. The mails still continue to come with ***SPAM*** settings.
    Could anyone let me know what I am doing wrong please.?

    Thanks, Best

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