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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Poliman, Jul 17, 2017.

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    I have install FTP server based on tutorial -> Now I stucked on 5th point, because configuration for needed setup is little more difficult. It's something like:
    1. Each ftp user has own directory where can do all ftp operations like create files/directories, upload/download files. Of course this particular user can't do anything with other users directories.
    2. There is one directory which is available for all - each user after login can go above owned directory and go into this one and do there this same operations like in his own directory.
    3. One user, let's say superuser, which can do whatever he wants with other users directories like they would be his own.
    4. Mentioned in 3rd point, superuser, which can upload files to special directory, from which other users can only download files.

    So, generally speaking, there will be:
    1. One directory for one particular user.
    2. One directory available for all.
    3. One directory for which superuser will upload files, and others will only download it.
    4. Nobody have shell access. It's some kind of extras after finishing above three points.
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    2. Create general group and add users to group
    4. When creating user use:
    useradd -s /bin/false username

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