Connection Dropping on Ubuntu 14.04 VMWare

Discussion in 'Technical' started by AutoJukebox, Mar 20, 2016.

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    So i setup another Virtual Machine a few days ago with Ubuntu 14.04, Now keep in mind i have made like 100s of Ubuntu Vm's alone but this one turned out a little different... I went to connect to the TeamSpeak server in it and i noticed i kept dropping connection. So i did the usual and disabled ufw, Restarted the machine etc.... So automatically i think it's my hosting provider, They couldn't find anything so i tried around 20 different fixes and none of them worked.

    One of the strange things i noticed is that there is no driver specified in connection information, So i go about installing the Ethernet drivers with no luck. Driver field is still empty and i still keep dropping connection.

    Now it's not just dropping on my TeamSpeak server it also drops on all the game servers i have on the machine.

    It drops about 5 times then the network stops completely and i have disable/enable networking for the connection to come back up.

    ifconfig output:


    Connection Information:
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    Try emulating a different network card, check if you also have also network issues internaly using the mtr command.
    How long has it been? use different kernel version?
    Host system has enough resources?
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    Not sure how to do that with VMWare Player, Never looked like it gave me a an option.

    I'm running a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04 with all latest updates.

    Host system is a bare metal 16 Core, 64GB RAM Machine with 1Gbps Internet.
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    The virtual machine has 16GB Ram and 6 Cores allocated to it.

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