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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Bobbys, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Bobbys

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    Im running ISPConfig on an ESXi VM. I have set up a personal website on and a proxy website.
    The proxy website contains an SSL certificate which then proxy redirects to another internal VM. Since the other VM makes use of the prots 80 and 443, Im proxying it through the ISPConfig. I guess with that you understand the concept.

    For DNS im using Cloudflare, plointing to my external IP and I setup ISPConfig with the CloudFlares DNS pointers.

    Since Im not doing oftens changes on my ISPConfig, it was like set it up and forget. I was only doing the updates every now and then.

    Recently I noticed that my personal website does not responds (Connection refused) but the proxy website , does works.

    I pinged my domain and it resolves to my Public IP, no worried there. Then I nmap my domain, which shows the ports 80/443 as open/filtered. It shouldnt be otherwise since the proxy website works.

    I restored back my VM 20 days back, still the same issue. But I'm not sure when the issue started.

    To me it seems that somewhere the packets are dropped. Any ideas, or how to proper reverse-engineer the issue?
    Can i check with ISPConfig if the request for my personal website are reaching the server at all?

    PS Proxy uses SSL/443, Personal Website HTTP/80
  2. Taleman

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    I must admit I failed to understand.
    However, I know how to see if the requests are reaching the server. Look at web server access logs, maybe with tail -f running in one terminal window while trying to use the website.
  3. Bobbys

    Bobbys New Member

    Well, I can ftp to, but I cant access the actual website on :80.
    I have another website listening on :443, that I can access it too.

    I think something is going wrong with :80.

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