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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by rileonar, Sep 29, 2023.

  1. rileonar

    rileonar New Member

    I've developed a small update to allow user to choose autoresponder mail format between text-only (current) and htm, using same tinymce editor already used in mail compose.
    I think this feature could be useful to some people (I saw some threads talking about it, some suggestions but no complete solution).
    The update add a new selector called "HTML into Settings->Account->Autoreply page:


    When the HTML selector is enabled, into textarea containing body of autoresponder is shown the tinymce html editor (the same used in compose mail process), and once the "Save" button is pressed the html is written to .ispconfig.sieve with proper mime header to format in html the mail sent by autoresponder.
    When the HTML selector is disabled, the behavior is the "old one": the content of text area is handled as text only and the mail is sent by autoresponder without any mime header.
    The HTML selector state is saved into database (user's mail properties).

    The update has been implemented on 3.2.11 version.
    The files modified to implement the update are:
    • /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-available/
    • /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/mailuser/templates/mail_user_autoresponder_edit.htm
    • /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/mail/form/mail_user.tform.php
    • /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/sieve_filter.master_save /usr/local/ispconfig/server/conf/sieve_filter.master
    • database dbispconfig, table mail_user, add field autoresponder_html
    • /usr/share/roundcube/plugins/ispconfig3_autoreply/ispconfig3_autoreply.php (roundcube plugin)

    If the update will be accepted there will be no more need for me to re-apply it at every ispconfig version upgrade and in fresh installations of ISPConfig.
    Could you please provide me directions to submit this update in order to include it into next versions of ISPConfig?
    Thank you
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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Looks nice! I've sent you an email with further instructions on the steps to contribute the code.
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  3. Th0m

    Th0m ISPConfig Developer Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Would be great, thanks!
  4. Taleman

    Taleman Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I was confused by the first line:
    I think that should be autorespond instead of autoremove.
  5. rileonar

    rileonar New Member

    you're right! It's NOT autoremove, it's autoresponder.
    Sorry for the mistake
  6. ahrasis

    ahrasis Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Yes. This great indeed.

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