convert mysql latin to utf8

Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by u4david, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. u4david

    u4david New Member

    I have ispconfig3
    I would like to make sure that current database is at most compatibility with multilingual data and applications.
    I figured that Utf8 is way to go.

    I checked that most data and tables use utf8_something
    but some use latin (like elgg hove some tables that have this association noticed the size is 0b i guess empty?)

    Would like to convert database to use utf8 as describer in openmeetings installation

    Need step by step instructions that will prevent messing up current data and applications functionality.

    Thank you.
  2. lopez

    lopez New Member

    Just make a dump of the database choosing utf8 as encoding.
    Then, to be sure, open the dump in an utf8 editor and check all is OK.
  3. kendustin7

    kendustin7 New Member

    If you want to convert it into UTF-8 then I think you should specify UTF-8 as the connection character set , this will probably work and the other think you can do is to issue the query.
  4. u4david

    u4david New Member


    Sounds simple.

    -how to dump with utf-8 encoding?(what is the command?)
    -how to select utf-8 as connection character set?
    -what would be the query?

    I know I can Google all this up but to skip variables rather hear it from you.

    Thank you
  5. sjau

    sjau Local Meanie Moderator

    not sure if you can dump it with a different encoding. However if you dump and then extract it (if you chose to use tgz), you can then use iconv to convert from one charset to a different one.

    And then you'd also need to alter the database collages and stuff.
  6. u4david

    u4david New Member

    dump database

    I know how to dump database.I done several backup restore like that also needed when upgrading.

    Could you explain in more detail how to convert it after I got it in plain text?

    And what needs to be done after conversion to make it fit back in to its place?
    would restoring the converted database work or do i have to adjust some configurations?

    Not completely familiar with in's and out's of the database functions.

    Thank you

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