Copy Sent Email to Sent Folder from 3rd Party Sender

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by FutureX, Apr 10, 2022.

  1. FutureX

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    Is it possible to have a sent email message copied to the sent folder when sending from a non-email based client like Filemaker Pro. I routinely send emails from Filemaker logging in to the mail server and sending. With Gmail it saved the message to the sent folder but I'm not getting the same result with postfix/dovecot.
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  3. FutureX

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    Yes it is a similar situation as the link you provided. I've tried to use a Sieve filter but am not having any success.
    I'm only trying to save sent messages to the Sent folder which are sent using a 3rd party app in this case Filemaker Server. So I don't want to bcc: all the messages as that would get confusing.
    Here is what I've added the the 'Custom Rules' section of an email account:

    require "fileinto";
    if address "From" "[email protected]"
    fileinto "INBOX.Sent";


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