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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by vhacker11, Jul 7, 2014.

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    Greetings Everyone,
    I have been using ISPConfig since past 5 - 6 months on Debian Wheezy. And its a great control panel. Many thanks to Falko for his awesome tutorials.

    Recently, one of my friend who hosts his website on my server, requested that I wasn't able to fulfill. And the request was to be able to count the number of email sent from each users account daily. He said that the option known something as "archive" was available in cPanel. But I am not convinced to use cPanel and I wish to continue with ISPConfig.

    Even a shell script or cron job or something of that sort that would send the count of sent email for each account, to the administrator, would be helpful.

    Any help in this regards, would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,
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  3. vhacker11

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    Can someone please help me with this ?

    Thanks and Regards,
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