Courier IMAP - Move delted items to deleted items folder?

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by yucktoufoo, May 9, 2012.

  1. yucktoufoo

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    Hi all.

    Im hoping someone has a solution for this....

    I have users running outlook mail clients of mixed versions, all the 2010 clients are fine but anything prior to this handle imap deletes inadequately, rather than moving email to the deleted items folder, it simply marks them for delete and if/when the user purges their account the mail is permanently deleted.

    Now I understand that some of this may be down to the way imap works but in reality the fault lies with the client imo. I know I can use macros on the mail client to achieve what I need but I'd really really like to avoid that.

    I know that there is a "Deleted-To-Trash" plugin for dovecot but I have been unable to find anything similar for courier. Just wondered if anyone here has possible solutions for this problem, I cant be the only person to be annoyed by this :)

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