cpAdmin - A Courier/Postfix Admin interface to mySQL

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    When using any of the Howto's on this site to create a Courier/Postfix with mySQL backend solution you can install this set of scripts to maintain users, domains and forwards.

    This script is FAR from perfect. I whipped it together to help a client at the company I work for. It was only written with them in mind but it should work for most average users.

    THERE IS NO SECURITY!!! You need to provide your own. .htaccess does the trick.

    With the above in mind I present to you cpAdmin.

    Fairly simple to setup and use. Unpack the tarball to a web accessible folder (any you choose). Edit "includes/" and modify it so that it is appropriate to your db info. If you change the "script name" setting don't forget to rename admin.php to the same.

    Then call up your site "http://localhost/admin.php" as an example.

    You should be able to do any modifications to domains, users and forwards. You will see any users etc that are already in the DB. This script does NOT affect the db any differently than manual input to mysql so you can use either and/or.

    Any questions please post them here so all can see.

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